Which 'Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous' Star Will Join 'Teen Wolf' For Its 2014 Return?


Only a few months ago, Shelley Hennig made a name for herself on "Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous" by playing Christy, a shameless fame-seeker who was willing to sleep with the show's namesake character just for a shot at celebrity. Now, Hennig's moved to a new seat at the MTV table, as E! has confirmed the actress will appear on the Season 3 return of "Teen Wolf." Unfortunately, who (...or what) she'll be is still a mystery, since creator Jeff Davis has remained pretty tight-lipped about casting.

The second half of Season 3, premiering January 6, will include a deep look into the Japanese Kitsune myth, Davis told E!, and Arden Cho, who's also new to the ensemble, will be shaking things up as Kira. "Arden's awesome," Davis said. "We're so happy about her. She actually is a third-degree black belt, so she's going to be using some of those skills." It's too bad she didn't come to Beacon Hills sooner: We bet a seasoned martial artist would have come in handy against the Darach.

+ Leave your predictions for what role Shelley will play in the comments, and tell us what else you're hoping to see when "Teen Wolf" returns in 2014!

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Photo: Justin Stephens