Melissa Joan Hart's Heart Goes Out To All The Teen Moms [Video]


 Melissa Joan Hart and her handsome sons: Mason, Brady and Tucker.

Dealing with the daily struggles of adolescence is tough enough, but, as we've learned from MTV's "Teen Mom" franchise, adding a child to the mix can turn life into a constant uphill battle. Melissa Joan Hart, a mother of three boys ages 1 to 7 and the eldest of eight kids, knows a thing or two about the full-time job of parenting, and says in this interview clip that she would've had to halt her Hollywood dreams had she become a mom too soon.

"If I had been a teen mom, they probably wouldn't have hired me as Sabrina," Melissa surmises, explaining that teen pregnancy wasn't a topic often covered on '90s TV. Nowadays, the issue gets much more exposure, but Melissa has always understood how difficult teen parenthood can be. "My mom was a teen mom, so it happens," she shares. "But I think that it's a really difficult thing to do." We know a few young ladies who would wholeheartedly agree.

Watch the clip below, plus check out more from our sit-down with Melissa Joan Hart.

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Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images