MTV Twitter Roundup: Vinny Guadagnino's Emojis Should Be A Part Of Every Smartphone Keyboard

If you've been frustrated by the limitations of your Emoji library lately (really, how many times can you use the same crying cat face to communicate your feelings?), Vinny Guadagnino has got you covered. The former "Jersey Shore" star and "Show with Vinny" host recently brought everyone's favorite text message accents to life in an Instagram video, and his impressions of the expressive smileys are so good, we wouldn't be surprised if they showed up in your iPhone the next time you updated your iOS.

Elsewhere on Twitter this week, actress Barret Swatek enforced the point that she and her "Awkward" character, Aunt Ally, are as different as they come, while Ke$ha's unconditional love for Mr. Peeps hasn't changed one bit. And though Jamie Lee of "Girl Code" considered some vulgarity reform, Shalyah Evans was happy to keep her temporary role as a pole-dancing bad girl going indefinitely.

Check out what some of MTV's best and brightest had to say on social media this week!


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