Aubrey O'Day's Throwback Thursday Pic Proves She Was Born For Showbiz


Aubrey O'Day, striking a pose as a wee one.

Once a showstopper, always a showstopper. Aubrey O'Day has always been Danity Kane's most eye-catching performer, but it looks like her commitment to the spotlight started way before her "Making The Band" days. The blonde bombshell famous for her hair flips and sexy pouts tweeted a photo today that hearkened back to her childhood, and she looks ready for Paris' or Milan's most competitive runways. Hand to the back of the head? Girl knows how to strike a pose!

"#TBT I was always about my fashion ;)" Aubrey tweeted with the adorable throwback pic, in which she's sporting a scarf, a collection of necklaces and a Starship Enterprise-sized hat that would have any Kentucky Derby regular crying out in envy. The stare into the distance! The poise! We might go out of our minds if we don't get to see her revive this look soon -- we're still reeling over the fact that DK were forced to cancel their first comeback concert. In due time, we hope...

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Photo courtesy of @AubreyODay