Street Justice With Quinn Marcus: The People's Ruling On Booty Texts [Video]

Thanks to MTV2's "Guy Court," no true "Guy Code" violation will ever go unpunished. But though we trust the honorable Judge Donnell Rawlings to pass out fair rulings, the American justice system lets a peer jury dictate a defendant's fate, so each week we're holding all potential "Code" criminals to the same standard with a heavy dose of "Street Justice." Check out the latest case below.


Most "Guy Code" violations are male-on-male offenses, but as we know from MTV's "Girl Code," females have just as much right to put a man on the stand. On the most recent episode of "Guy Court," Donna accused Austin of disturbing her sleep with an onslaught of booty texts at all hours of the night. Since Austin didn't seem to get the message that Donna wasn't interested -- even though she neglected to respond to his FOUR pages of texts -- Judge Donnell found him guilty of being a certified Stage 5 Clinger. As punishment, Austin was forced to drink a glass of rank "Guy Court Sucker Punch" (ingredients: lemons, gravy, anchovy paste and hot milk) for being so damn thirsty for some action.

"Girl Code" expert Quinn Marcus took to the NYC streets to see what regular ol' folks had to say about Austin's behavior, and rapid fire booty texting was unanimously slammed. Check out the people's verdict below, and don't miss new episodes of "Guy Court" every Wednesday at 11/10c on MTV2.

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