'Teen Mom 3' Reunion Sneak Peek: Brittany Challenges Devoin To A Fight


So much for Devoin being ready to step up. In this sneak peek of the 'Teen Mom 3" reunion special, Briana and her baby's father waste no time getting into a screaming match, despite Dr. Drew's attempt to keep the conversation civil.

As soon as Devoin sits down on the couch, Drew gets straight to the point, asking why the parenting commitment Devoin made during the finale dissolved into the ether. Devoin claims that Briana makes it too difficult for him to see his daughter, rattling off excuse after excuse for his neglect of Nova, which justifiably puts Briana on the defense. "Don't buy her Jordans and bulls**t!" Briana shouts of his superficial gestures. "Get her clothes, get her food, do something! You don't do s**t."

After Briana calls Devoin a "deadbeat" and Devoin accuses Bri of being a clueless new mother on "16 & Pregnant," Brittany and Roxanne barrel in from backstage, true to Dejesus form. Brittany gets right up in Devoin's face, begging him to throw a punch, while Roxy whips off a red pump and prepares to toss it at his head.

So, uh, is it too late to add this to our list of "Teen Mom 3"'s most dramatic moments? Check out the clip below -- if it's any indication of what's to come, you won't want to miss the "Teen Mom 3" reunion special, Monday night at 10/9c!