It's Rev Run's Birthday! You'll Never Guess How Old He Is


Rev Run celebrated his birthday last weekend at a Las Vegas nightclub. 

How many candles will the Simmons Family prop atop Rev Run's birthday cake tonight? Without Google, we'd be stumped. The hip-hop mogul rattles off so much sage wisdom on Twitter all the time that he's obviously got a ton of life experience, but his youthful spirit and lack of ANY wrinkles make it difficult to estimate.

So...would you believe the king of "Run's House" is 49?! Crazy, right? Apparently, he doesn't believe it either, because the man spent last weekend livin' it up in SIN CITY. Not exactly your average soon-to-be-grandpa's way of celebrating his many years on earth, but it sure is good to know the guy can still kick it. HBD, Rev!

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Photo: Rev Run's Instagram