'Crazy Beautiful' House Rules: Four-Legged Family Members Need Extra Attention

Ke$ha's life on the road is pretty crazy, but the ship runs a bit more tightly back in Nashville with her family. Kind of. After each week's episode, we're putting the spotlight on one of the Seberts' nontraditional house rules -- take a look at the latest, and tell us if you could hack it in their home.


The beloved family cat is more than just a cuddle buddy -- felines have needs, too! On tonight's "My Crazy Beautiful Life," Mr. Peeps, the Seberts' furry pride and joy, started showing signs of cabin fever when the isolation of being an indoor cat began to grate on him. No longer was he satisfied acting as Ke$ha's second pillow -- the man wanted adventure, and he wanted it now! Annnnnd he wanted it without the duct tape leash Pebe crafted for him...

When the ladies of the house finally reached their wits' end trying to make Peeps happy, they phoned up a pet psychic to get a more intensive reading on their pal. It turned out that Pebe's suspicions about his desire to go hunting were dead-on, and the medium also informed them that Ke$ha's tour schedule had left the animal feeling lonely. Ultimately, Mr. Peeps just wanted to be a part of the family, too, even if he sometimes scratched the s**t out of his owners when they tried to show him affection.

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