Linden Ashby Tweets Proof That Derek's 'Teen Wolf' Time Out Won't Last Long [Photo]

When Derek and Cora peaced outta Beacon Hills at the end of the "Teen Wolf" mid-season finale, fans were understandably worried that the Hale siblings would be gone for good. Pair the characters' mysterious exit with news that the actors who play them, Adelaide Kane and Tyler Hoechlin, were working on other projects (The CW's "Reign" and indie flick "Undrafted," respectively), and Derek diehards were sweating bullets at the thought of not seeing his Alpha abs in the new year.

TyHo himself didn't exactly help to quell fan fears when he played coy on the matter, refusing to confirm or deny his comeback in an August interview with, but thanks to Linden Ashby, who plays Sheriff Stilinski, you can all rest easy: We now have photographic evidence of the brooding lycanthrope on set! Oh, and Dylan O'Brien was there, too. Sterek lives to see another day!

Check out the behind-the-scenes pics that Linden and "Teen Wolf"'s other bad-ass dad, J.R. Bourne, posted on Twitter, and take note of their silly back and forth. These two are giving Tyler Posey's goofiness a run for its money!