Street Justice With Quinn Marcus: The People's Ruling On Letting It Rip [Video]


Thanks to MTV2's "Guy Court," no true "Guy Code" violation will ever go unpunished. And though we trust the honorable Judge Donnell Rawlings to give out fair rulings, the American justice system lets a peer jury dictate a defendant's fate, so we've decided to hold any and all potential "Code" criminals to the same standard with a heavy dose of "Street Justice." In the case of "Lettin' It Rip," this week's panel had much to, er, sound off about.

On tonight's "Guy Court," Ira didn't really see the problem with passing gas whenever he pleased, but his friend, Savon, was fed up with his immature behavior, even claiming that it was c**k-blocking him from getting laid. Judge Donnell ruled that Ira was guilty, and sentenced him to wearing a "Human Centipede"-style "ass mask," but it wasn't as cut and dry when "Girl Code" talking head Quinn Marcus took to the streets of New York with a mic in her hand. Below, check out what everyday people had to say on the subject of flatulence, and let us know in the comments where you stand!

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