Melissa Joan Hart's Advice For Miley Cyrus: Beware Of The Overshare [Video]


Miley Cyrus tokes up on the EMA stage.

Twerk Queen Miley Cyrus sent even more shockwaves across the Internets on Sunday night when she lit up a joint during her MTV EMA acceptance speech. While it's easy to knock the controversial star for her onstage antics, Melissa Joan Hart -- who was also a child actress -- has empathy for Miley, and says we shouldn't judge the 20-year-old too harshly. In this clip from our recent interview with the former "Sabrina" lead, who shares stories of her own scandalous young adult life in her new memoir, "Melissa Explains It All," MJH says that teens will be teens, but it's much harder for today's celebutantes to maintain a semblance of privacy.

"The business has changed from when I was young," Melissa points out. "They're digging more into people's personal lives." And while the tabloids don't have to dig too far down to get the latest dirt on Miley (if they've got cable, they're in business!), Melissa believes the "Wrecking Ball" singer will be just fine, as long as she stays mindful of her next move. "You've got to be careful about what you put out there...keep some secrets so you can write a book later on," she advises. So, where can we pre-order the Miley Cyrus tell-all?

Check out Miley's shocking EMA moment:

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Photo: AFP