'Teen Mom 3' Bonus Scene: Alex Mentally Prepares Herself For Arabella's Future Boyfriends


After a turbulent year filled with numerous disappointments, Alex finally got to take a (temporary) load off on the "Teen Mom 3" finale when her own mother, Wendy, treated the entire family to a tropical vacation. In this bonus scene, Wendy and Alex take a moment in between all the fun in the sun to discuss the past with clearer vision, and to prepare themselves for possible struggles that lie ahead.

"It was a tough year," Alex acknowledges. "And we all needed, like, a vacation after all the drama and the bull, and having to, like, physically kick Matt out of the house." At the mention of Alex's ex, Wendy seizes the opportunity to share her true feelings about him. "[Matt's] a mom's worst nightmare, okay?" she says, and warns her daughter that Arabella may one day fall for the charm of bad boys like him. "When you love someone...you overlook things because you like them that much," Alex says, somewhat defending her initial attraction to Matt. Wendy understands, yet still implies that Alex will have a new perspective on the matter when Bellie's a teenager.

"Try your hardest to just prepare her for the things to not overlook." Wendy advises. "And when she can't overlook them, watch her back."

Check out the scene for more of Wendy's advice, and don't miss the two-hour "Teen Mom 3" reunion, Monday night at 10/9c!

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