Which Of Lauren Conrad's 'Hills' Co-Stars Will Get A Wedding Invite? Audrina's Not Feelin' Lucky...


Who will have a seat at the Conrad/Tell nuptials?

The great Speidi wedding was a "Hills" affair through and through (complete with a Kristin Cavallari comeback!), but now that the show's leading lady, Lauren Conrad, is preparing to say "I do" to longtime boyfriend William Tell, will her guest list be a roll call for a "Hills" reunion? Audrina Patridge recently told TMZ she's not sure an invite is headed her way, which made us wonder: Will any of LC's old pals make the cut?

If anyone from the cast is a sure thing, it's Lo Bosworth. She and Lauren have been best friends for years, and their bond remains unshakable. But could Heidi be a candidate, too? Sure, Lauren once infamously told her, "I wanna forgive you, and I wanna forget you," but the girls did tearfully reunite on a boat. However, if Heidi came, Spencer wouldn't be far behind. It'd have to be a cold day in hell for LC to willingly invite Mr. Pratt, but from what we understand, serving up plus-ones is the ladylike thing to do...

Since William only popped the question last month, it's probably too early for the invites to be signed, sealed and delivered, but tell us: Which former "Hills" cast members should be on LC's short list?

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Photo: Brian Lindensmith/Splash News