As Jenna Hamilton Descends Into Darkness, Sensitive Sadie Saxton Reemerges On 'Awkward.'


Don't forget: Even mean girls bleed. On tonight's "Awkward," after Jenna Hamilton continued to spiral out of control thanks to Collin's seemingly endless pot supply, Sadie Saxton was forced to swallow a bitter pill when her mother, who'd only just returned from "exhaustion camp," told Sadie that she was leaving town indefinitely. And suddenly, Sadie found herself completely alone once again (or, rather, with Aunt Ally as a guardian, but we're really just splitting hairs there...).

When the Palos Hills Queen Bee shed her thick skin to warmly receive her mother after almost a month apart, Mrs. Saxton hardly returned her daughter's embrace. She told Sadie that she left treatment after one week, and spent the rest of her time in Santa Fe with her new boy toy, whom she was planning to move in with. When Sadie's efforts at reasoning with her mother to stay in Palos Hills failed, she decided to file for emancipation, crushing her dream of having a functional family once and for all.

"You let me know what you need," Sadie's mother told her with one foot out the door. "I tried," Sadie whispered back with tears in her eyes. And that was that.

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