Will The 'Teen Wolf' Nemeton Find New Life In The Second Half Of Season 3?


The last time you got a good look at the "Teen Wolf" Nemeton, the badly bruised Darach, Jennifer, reached out for it desperately with the hope that it could give her new life, but she was stopped en route, and it remained untouched. Back then, it was nothing more than a dead-looking stump, but now, in an exclusive photo from the upcoming second half of Season 3, we can see a little sprout that's pushed through one of the massive trunk's cracks is working its way to the sky. What do you think it means, and what effect will it have on Beacon Hills?

In the meantime, while we wait for clarity, actor Tyler Posey is making a nice little seat out of the spiritual hub, and in this welcome clip, he gives you an early look at the new episodes, in which we can see Crystal Reed working that famous Argent family bow and Holland Roden getting touched up between takes. "This was an actual real tree that they cut down for filming," Tyler says while perched atop the Nemeton. "Just joking, that's not true. We can't cut anything down here 'cause they'll arrest us." Don't let it hear you, T. Po. We have a feeling it doesn't take too kindly to dismemberment humor...

Check out the clip, and hang tight for the return of "Teen Wolf" on January 6!

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