Rowdy Aunt Ally Makes Her 'Awkward.' Return Tonight! How Will She React To Jenna's Transformation?


Jenna Hamilton might be Palos Hills' newest bad girl, but even though she ditched the side braid and is on the 5-O's radar, she may never match the sleazy legacy left by her infamous Aunt Ally. Lacey's ol' BFF first tore into "Awkward" back in Season 1, when she introduced herself to viewers by drugging Jenna during a kegger she insisted on throwing in the Hamilton House. Classy! Well, she's baaaaaack, and actress Barrett Swatek has just assured us via Twitter that everyone's favorite "pirate hooker" is ready for some more trouble.

Since blowing into town in a cloud of cigarette smoke and cheap perfume, Ally has made it her business to turn each upright citizen she encounters into a complete and utter delinquent. She was responsible for Jenna and Tamara going to war, she made a brief cheater out of Lacey and even managed to turn her own wedding into a drunken war zone that looked like a scene from "Animal House." Aunt Ally is no wallflower, to say the least.

Ally's always wanted to get Jenna to loosen up a bit, but now that the blogger seems to have really gone off the deep end, will Ally feel guilty about what role she might have played in J's transformation? Or will she be thrilled with J-Town's turn to the dark side, because she'll finally have a new party girl in her camp? See how Ally reacts to Jenna 2.0 on tonight's "Awkward" at 10:30/9:30c!

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