'Dancing With The Stars' Alum Melissa Joan Hart Tells Elizabeth Berkley To 'Hang In There' [Video]


Melissa Joan Hart and her "Dancing with the Stars" partner, Mark Ballas.

Right now, Team Chmerkley are probably putting the finishing touches on tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" performance in hopes they'll land another perfect score. As important as technique is, though, Season 9 contestant Melissa Joan Hart wants Elizabeth to know that getting the fans on your side is just as crucial. In a clip from our recent sit-down interview with MJH, the actress says she prepared to dance her butt off back in 2009, but quickly found that she spent just as much time hamming it up for the cameras as she did practicing the Paso Doble.

"It wasn't as physically demanding as I thought," Melissa explains. "It was a lot of, like, production stuff that I'm used to, but I didn't want to deal with that...I wanted to focus on the dancing." Sadly, Melissa and her partner, Mark Ballas, were booted off six weeks into the competition, but now she can impart the lessons she learned to the current crop of stars. "I would just say to Elizabeth, hang in there...you got to make the fans love you," Melissa advises. Translation: more Jessie Spano throwbacks!

Check out Melissa's moves from back in the day:

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Photo: Craig Sodjin/ABC/Getty Images