'Scrubbing In' Memorable Moment: Heather Accepts Dalton's Marriage Proposal [Video]


When Heather first decided to leave Pittsburgh behind for a traveling nurse adventure on the West Coast, she feared the separation would cause a rift between her and her boyfriend, Dalton, but on the latest episode of "Scrubbing In," while Dalton was visiting, he wasted no time locking down his one true love. During a picturesque wine tasting on one of the nurses' off days, Dalton led his girlfriend away from the group to a clearing above the vines, and as he got down on one knee, Heather was left completely shocked.

"You just made me the happiest guy on this earth," Dalton said after Heather came out of her fog and accepted his proposal. The couple shared a few kisses, then headed back to the group to spread the good news, which had everyone gushing. Sure, Heather's eyes were totally dry, but we're sure it'll hit her later...right?

Check out the proposal from start to finish, and tune in to a new "Scrubbing In" Thursday at 10/9c!

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