For Her Next 'Crazy Beautiful' Stunt, Ke$ha Becomes Shark Bait [Sneak Peek]


By now, Ke$ha's met all sorts of big fish in the music biz, but the glittery pop star is about to surround herself with the real deal. On the next episode of "My Crazy Beautiful Life," the impulsive daredevil will descend into the deep blue to swim with bloodthirsty, razor-toothed sharks, and in the sneak peek below, she doesn't look the least bit fazed in their company. Hey, if you can take on Perez Hilton...

"I'm an adrenaline junkie, so this is fun," Ke$ha says as she prepares for the dangerous dive by fitting her oxygen mask, securing her goggles and giving her pal a high-five for good luck. Soon, she and her crew are right in the thick of a shiver of sharks, less than an arm's length away from the predators. In an attempt at solidarity, Ke$ha mimics a fin with her hand, but the gesture only seems to further one menacing creature's appetite. Hope it's not craving Solo cups for lunch.

Shocked by Ke$ha's latest stunt? Check out the sneak peek, and see if she survives the dive when the next episode of "My Crazy Beautiful Life" airs Wednesday at 10:30/9:30c!

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