Mackenzie McKee's Little Cowboy Is Already Learning The Rodeo Ropes [Photos]


Gannon poses with his new favorite toy: a dummy steer.

Most born and bred Okies know a thing or two about the rodeo (just ask country crooner Blake Shelton), and now that Mackenzie McKee's little man, Gannon, is big enough to fill out a pair of cowboy boots, he's getting a taste of the fun and games unique to Southern life. Yesterday, the "Teen Mom 3" tot was gifted his very first rodeo toy, a dummy steer head used for roping practice, and if these pics are any indication, he seems eager to follow in his dad's spur-marked footsteps.

"Time for this cowboy to learn how to rope," Mackenzie posted with the photo below, which features Gannon whipping around a blue lasso with expert precision. He's a natural!

It makes perfect sense that Gannon is already taking after his pops, but bull-riding is a dangerous sport, and Josh's dreams of going pro have always been a point of contention for him and Mackenzie. Something tells us Mom's in for the same battle 15 years from now...


Gannon's ready to learn his way around a lasso!

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Photos: @mackenzietaymckee

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