Chanel West Coast Goes Full-On Brunette In New 'Alcoholic' Music Video [Photo]


Chanel West Coast tries a whole new look for her "Alcoholic" music video.

Even as a 21st Century Coco, Chanel West Coast's signature blonde locks shone through, but as the bubbly rapper's career pushes forward, she's beginning to tap into her dark side. The "Ridiculousness" couch staple recently tweeted a photo from the set of her music video for "Alcoholic," and it appears she ditched her platinum tresses to become a raven-haired vixen. Sweet Lolita alter-ego!

"Shooting #Alcoholic music video," Chanel teased with the pic above that features her behind the wheel of a tricked-out car with some spirits in her lap (that bottle better stay closed, girl!). "Alcoholic" is the latest single from her "Now You Know" mixtape, which was released in July, and the jam unsurprisingly boasts some party-heavy lyrics like "Liquor, liquor, liquor, liquor, pour it in my cup." Let's just hope she doesn't inadvertently end up starring in one of Rob Dyrdek's boozy clip reels...

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Photo: Carlos Ponce