Melissa Joan Hart On Her Teenage Rebellion: It Was NBD! (Yeah, Riiiight)


Melissa Joan Hart at a Maxim party in 2000.

Unlike the teenage witch she once played on TV, who was forced to conceal her true identity, Melissa Joan Hart has come totally clean in her new memoir, "Melissa Explains It All." No subject is off limits -- which, let's admit, is the mark of a great tell-all -- and it's got a lot of people buzzing. However, while the press has made a huge deal out of the actress' confessions of adolescent partying, she recently sat down with us to set the record straight...and get everybody to chill the eff out.

"I know that the headlines have been all about this one chapter in my book," she begins in the clip below. The chapter, entitled "Just Say Why Not?" documents the years Melissa "had some fun" -- but no more fun than other young people have, she claims. "I think everyone in their teen/20s, especially their 20s -- when they're in college -- you see what's out there, you hang out with different crowds and you figure out who you are." Exactly -- we hear ya, Meliss! Except...most of us don't ever have a girl-on-girl make-out session at the Playboy Mansion. As far as we know, that's not your average rite of passage for young folk these days.

Check out the video, and pick up a copy of "Melissa Explains All" to read all about her totally not-scandalous past *wink*.

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Photo: Leszek Piechowski/Getty Images