Heidi Montag Poses For Beachside Pics Following Her Breast Implant Reduction


Heidi Montag presents Exhibits D & D.

The tides have turned! After revealing last week that she'd reduced her size-F implants to a more modest D-cup, Heidi Montag is proudly putting her much smaller floatation devices on display in a set of professional photos shot at the beach. The pics, which feature Heids striking a range of significantly less sex-kittenish poses than yesteryear, seem to depict a young woman experiencing a personal renaissance of sorts. It's almost...empowering -- in a Kotex commercial kinda way.

Perhaps it's her recent realization that fame and money can't buy happiness or the strengthening of her marriage to Spencer Pratt -- or a combination of both -- but we haven't seen the former "Hills" supervillain looking this peaceful in, well, maybe ever. It's possible she also just stopped using injectables.

+ What do you think of the pics? Share your thoughts in the comments, and for a rather uncomfortable blast from the past, re-watch the moment when Heidi told her mom about her multiple cosmetic surgeries.


Heidi Montag takes her breasts to the beach: in 2012, as a size-F, and today, as a D-cup.


The former reality TV star appears carefree in a simple white tee and ripped jeans.

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Photos: Splash News