Before Jenna Hamilton’s ‘Awkward.’ Arrest, Let Us Celebrate 5 Other Good Girls Gone Bad

The drain is ripe for circling, and the “Awkwarddownward spiral you’ve been dreading is starting to take shape. On the show’s next episode, after having been abandoned by her friends in the aftermath of her breakup with Matty, Jenna Hamilton will commit to a rebellion that culminates in a car filled with what distinctly resembles a reefer cloud. Cue a few flashing police lights in the background, and J-Ham’s made an official transition to the dark side.

By the looks of things, Jenna will be knee-deep in fast times for much of the season, but we’ve seen angels devolve into demons before, and quite often they return to their senses after a brief brush with rock bottom. There’s hope for Jenna yet! But we’ve got a long road ahead of us, folks, so in the meantime, take a look back at five of the greatest girls gone bad.

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