'Teen Mom 3' Sneak Peek: A Fed Up Josh Tries To Dump Mackenzie On The Side Of The Road


Though Mackenzie and Josh have had their fair share of ups and downs on "Teen Mom 3," they finally seemed to be in a solid place on Monday's episode. However, in this sneak peek of the season finale, the down-home country couple is not only back to their bickering, but Josh gets so aggravated by Mackenzie's criticism that he tries to force her out of the car.

While driving, Josh attempts to drown out the tension between them by cranking up the radio, but that doesn't fly with Mackenzie. Immediately, she launches into her underlying insecurities about his love for her. "You don't know if you want me, admit it," Mackenzie says. "If you would put as much effort as I would into this relationship, I think we'd work out." Josh remains composed until Mackenzie hits a nerve by insinuating he doesn't love Gannon as much as she does. "Why don't you shut up?" he snaps back. Then, when Mackenzie picks up Josh's ringing phone, he demands that she hand it over. "Scared I'll see something?" she asks. Josh snatches the phone out of her hands, pulls over on the side of the road and yells, "Get the f**k out!"

Could this be the last straw for Mackenzie? Check out the clip, and don't miss the season finale of "Teen Mom 3" Monday night at 10/9c.

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