Snooki & JWOWW Knock One Of Their Dirty-Minded Fans Down To Size


Snooki & JWOWW cherish all of their fans, but every once in awhile, they come across one who truly perplexes them to the point of amusement teetering on irritation. In this week's Fan Q&A, the lucky ladies hit the wacko jackpot, encountering -- by way of Facebook -- TWO admirers with rather confusing messages. The first is Mike, who does not actually have a question, rather a statement.

"Ha ha, I have a big d**k," he writes. Good for you, Mike, but no one's buyin' it.

"What is wrong with you? Clearly you don't have a big d**k if you have to write that you have a bid d**k," Jenni responds with a giggle.

The second kooky character, Christian, fancies himself a Riddler of sorts, teasing the BFFs' brains so thoroughly that we were forced to wrap filming early. Nice work, Christian. We'll never eat another watermelon without tasting a hint of tomato.

Check out the video to see if you can make sense of Christian's question, and feel free to tell Mike what you think of his supposed supersized Johnson in the comments.