Heidi Montag Says Her Marriage And Self-Esteem Are Better Than Ever Post-'Hills'


Heidi Montag looks happy, healthy and smaller up top.

Last week, former "Hills" bad girl Heidi Montag revealed she reduced her massive breast implants from an F-cup to a more modest D, but that's not the only thing in her life she's dialed back recently. After her reduction, Heidi sat down with Us Weekly to explain how she's not only taken on a much more modest lifestyle since "The Hills" ended, but that doing so has brought her and husband Spencer Pratt closer together. Phew -- we NEVER, EVER want to hear another (fake) divorce rumor.

"[Since 'The Hills'], all I've done is refind who I am without the Hollywood life," the Colorado native told Us. She added that during her reality TV tenure, being surrounded by a group of young women who grew up with money -- like Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth -- caused her to become "possessed by [her] possessions" and perhaps compounded the insecurity that led to 10 cosmetic procedures back in 2010. "I should have gone to a therapist," she admitted.

As for her other half, Heidi said he's been extremely supportive while she slowly returns to the confident, lower-maintenance person she once was. "Starting over has been hard, but it's made me and Spencer...the best we've ever been."

Check out the full interview in the latest issue of Us Weekly, and re-watch Speidi's big church wedding for a pre-Throwback Thursday treat!

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Photo: Us Weekly