'Teen Mom 3' Bonus Scene: Mackenzie Can't Stand Her Mom's Backseat Parenting


Parents and teens butt heads on everything from not doing chores to doing too much dating, but when you add a third generation to the mix, a whole new crop of issues becomes ripe for disagreements. In this bonus scene from Monday's episode of "Teen Mom 3," Mackenzie vents her frustrations about her mother to Josh, telling him how sick and tired she is of having Angie interfere with her care of Gannon.

"My mom thinks that [Gannon] is her son, and I can't make any decisions for him," she complains to her fiancé, and adds that his reluctance to spend time with her family fuels the already tense fire. Surprisingly, Josh jumps to Angie's defense when Mackenzie accuses her mom of being bossy about Gannon's bedtime schedule. "Yeah, but he does need to be in bed by a certain time," he admits.

"But we're the parents, not her," Mackenzie counters. If she and Josh aren't allowed to make their own mistakes, how will they ever learn?

Watch the bonus scene, plus check out the "Teen Mom 3 After Show" clip below it to hear more from Mackenzie on her struggle to break free from her family's rule.

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