The 'Jersey Shore' Stalker Reemerges To Ask The Wanted A Personal Question [Video]


Vanessa the Stalker with Siva of The Wanted, months before the "Live From MTV" broadcast.

For all the major breaking news we've been reporting as of late (HEIDI MONTAG'S BOOB REDUCTION! SNOOKI'S FANNY PACK!), things have still felt a bit incomplete. We thought it was the gloom of winter setting in -- right up until yesterday, when Vanessa the Stalker popped up like a Jack in the Box during our "Live From MTV" online event with pop group The Wanted. It hit us then and there: THIS is what we'd been missing!

Yep, the woman famous for following Pauly D's every "Jersey Shore" move rose like phoenix from the ashes during the fan Q&A session, and managed to make the British boys completely uncomfortable. (The more things change...) Without batting a lash, Vanessa asked the group when they lost their virginity (she must be doing research for an essay), and after some oohs and ahhs from the crowd and looks of general concern from the guys, Siva took the mic on behalf of his band mates. "I'll give you an honest answer: We're all virgins," he said. "Let's leave it at that." Girls in the audience couldn't help but protest, forcing MTV Buzzworthy's Tamar Anitai to intervene. "That side of the all need a cold shower," she teased. As for Vanessa, she just needs a filter.

Check out the Seaside stalker, back to her old tricks:

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Photo: @VanessaSkyTheStalker

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