JWOWW's Three Future Children: A Genius, A Failure And A Floater [Video]


Many parents dream of raising a house full of future Ivy Leaguers, but Jenni Farley, who hopes to become a mother someday soon, is a little bit more realistic about her expectations. "I'm gonna have one successful kid, I'm gonna have a f**k-up and I'm gonna have one that makes it in life...just gettin' by," she tells her best friend in the "Snooki & JWOWW After Show" clip below. "So you want three? You should start now," Nicole advises. But wouldn't that mean actually conceding to Roger's libido?

Though a trio is JWOWW's ideal, in the event she and Rog only pop out one little guido or guidette, Snooks says the kid will have to be an all-inclusive package. A role, JWOWW admits, she's very familiar with. "Yeah, that was me in the years of living at the Jersey Shore: I walk in a genius, I leave a f**k-up," she jokes.

Meanwhile, Snooki laments that her own child still prefers his dad, despite the special "mommy and me" swimming lessons the two shared on tonight's episode. "Lorenzo just wanted me and he wasn't distracted by Jionni," she says of their pool time. "Those were the best moments of the summer for me."

Have a little faith, Snooks -- he'll be a mama's boy in no time.

+ Check out the clip, and tell us what you think of JWOWW's parenthood predictions.

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