Snooki Needs A Babysitter! Here's How To Score The Gig


One look at this face, and suddenly babysitting seems like a perfect career move.

Snooki is certainly more mature with "Jersey Shore" in her rearview mirror, but even though the guidette would currently rather opt for family Monopoly nights than a club crawl, a girl still needs to get out on the town every once in awhile. The only issue: She no longer has a live-in babysitter. Now that Snooks, Jionni and Lorenzo are shacking up for the summer in Seaside Heights -- a long drive away from Janice -- it's time to find another responsible human being to help care for her precious child, and on tonight's episode of "Snooki & JWOWW," Nicole will hold court for a wide variety of candidates looking to land the gig. If they don't have these four qualities, however, they're simply not making it past the how-do-you-do's...

Extensive Jersey Shore knowledge. No, we're not talking about the number of fights between SamRon or how many times Mike "The Situation" flashed his abs. This is about the actual J-Shore. 'Enzo's nanny has got to know his or her way around Seaside Heights -- otherwise the little guy is gonna take a wrong turn and wind up in Karma 20 years too early during an innocent afternoon stroll.


Mad dress-up skills. Lorenzo loves his costumes! Be it a pirate, Superbaby, gorilla, Cowardly Lion, bunny rabbit or mini-businessman, this child takes his role-playing very, very seriously, and anyone responsible for his well-being must not be too cool to don an eye patch or ruby slippers.

Physical health and body strength. Whether practicing yoga or watching his mama rock out the cardio, Lorenzo makes working out a top priority. Couch potatoes need not apply.


Fab hairstyling chops. Like father, like son. Jionni rocked his preppy coif for years (until he finally let those curls do their thang), so it's only natural for little 'Enzo to be partial to the comb-over. However, he's a bit too small to do his own 'do, so whoever ends up leading his bath time should have expert styling skills.

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Photos: Jionni LaValle's Instagram

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