'Girl Code' Comeback Of The Day: How To Get Your Mom To Quit Prying


There are too many moments in life when someone -- be it a stranger, your frenemy or even your grandma -- insults you (intentionally or not) to the point of insurmountable irritation, and rather than sass them right back with a silencing quip, you blank on what to say. Hours later, your brain is bombarded with a million jabs you coulda/shoulda/woulda doled out if only the cat hadn't feasted on your tongue when you needed it most -- but tragically, the time for disparagement has passed, and you remain relegated to fantasizing a scenario in which you verbally berate the person who made you feel so small.

Okay, maybe we're being a little dramatic, but WE KNOW you've been there. And it's the pits. Which is why we're extending a special service to you, our dear lady friends, throughout this week that will ensure you're not speechless the next time you fall victim to a passive-aggressive dig or outright rude slight: the "Girl Code" Comeback of the Day, provided by the very sharp-witted comedienne, Jessimae Peluso. With these prepared zingers, you'll never seek closure again.

For today's Comeback, Jessimae provides the perfect line to serve up when ma won't STFU about your love life. Get out your notepads...


How to Silence a Bitchy Friend

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