Katie Speaks Candidly About Joey's New Girlfriend On The 'Teen Mom 3 After Show' [Video]


"Teen Mom 3" viewers have expressed plenty of opinions about Joey's decision to start dating so soon after (or was it before?) breaking up with Katie, but regardless of how the end of their relationship played out, it's essential the two eventually become civil in order to co-parent. Clearly they've got much work to do in order to make that happen -- the former couple's fighting has only intensified lately, and the presence of Joey's new girlfriend, Brigette, is sure to create more resentment.

Though most of you would agree that Katie and Joey are better off apart, their separate living situations will now complicate how they care for their daughter, especially now that there's another woman -- with her own child -- in the mix. In the clip below from the "Teen Mom 3 After Show," Katie shares what it was like to let Molli stay with her ex -- and Brigette -- overnight.


"I hadn't left her side in a year, and she had been attached to me for so long," Katie tells host Maci Bookout when asked to pinpoint the hardest part of being away from Molli for the first time. On top of it all, Katie didn't consider Brigette much of a role model. "My thing with her is that I didn't trust her," she says. "I knew her beforehand, and she was, in my mind, not the kind of person I would ever choose to bring around Molli."

Watch the clip to hear more from Katie on the aftermath of her breakup, including her admission that, despite her better judgment at the time, she would have gotten back together with Joey "in a heartbeat" if he'd asked.

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