Kailyn Lowry Fights Back Tears On Her Son's First Day Of School [Photos]


This one's a framer!

The "Teen Mom 2" tots are growing up so quickly! Sigh, it seems like just yesterday they were all spitting up their Gerber's. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

Kailyn Lowry shipped her son, Isaac, off to his very first day of school this morning, but while Isaac's new status as a full-fledged academic prompted us to start checking our heads for gray hairs, Kail held her composure as she celebrated the landmark day with her family.

A few hours before she staged an impromptu photo shoot to commemorate Isaac's milestone, she shared her mixed emotions with her Twitter followers. "Let me gather my thoughts before I lose it all dropping Isaac off at school," the newlywed tweeted. But there's no sign of any tears in the pics -- just pure parental pride.

With pregnancy hormones circulating through her system, we're in total awe of Kail's self control. We, on the other hand, are getting a little misty eyed..

Take a look at the adorable pics of Isaac heading off to the classroom!


Isaac looks so excited to be going to school! His dog, not so much.


Isaac poses with his step-dad, Javi.

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Photos: Kailyn Lowry's Instagram