Which Chanel West Coast Wannabe Is A Dead Ringer For The Real Deal? [Photos]


The real Chanel West Coast wore a devilish costume to celebrate Halloween.

Most last-minute Halloween costumes for women usually involve a little black dress and a pair of cat ears, but with some creativity and a colorful closet, it's actually quite easy to transform yourself into something more unique...like an MTV star! In years past, many ladies spent All Hallow's Eve partying it up in a pouf, platform heels and leopard-print anything to embody "Jersey Shore"-era Snooki, but in 2013, it was Rob Dyrdek's bubbly blonde sidekick, Chanel West Coast, who seemed to be the costume of choice.

Several die hard "Ridiculousness"' fans whipped out the pink lipstick, rainbow extensions and Trukfit gear last night to trick-or-treat as CWC, and the rapping receptionist, who opted for a sexy Satan costume herself, was still sweet enough to retweet a few of her favorite doppelgängers. For some, the resemblance was so uncanny even Dyrdek would need to do a double take. Others, not so much.

Check out a few of our picks for best Chanel get-up, and vote for which girl made the best look-alike.

Chanel #1: @CotyKusch


Chanel #2: @brookebackmountain1


Chanel #3:  @Sherbaby_20


Chanel #4: @courtneyyy_n


Chanel #5: @coreyhab


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Photos: @chanelwestcoast,  @CotyKusch, @brookebackmountain1@Sherbaby_20@courtneyyy_n@coreyhab

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