Nick Cannon Takes A Beating From His Superhero Son [Video]


Nick Cannon's Supertwins strike a fly-ready pose.

It's a's a's the Supertwins! Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's dynamic duo, Morocco and Monroe -- perhaps better known as "Dembabies" -- spent their Halloween clad in Clark Kent's costume of choice, munching on candy and making Instavids with their "Wild" father. The Jack of all trades took a break from his busy schedule to put on his parenting hat -- as well as a pair of tights and a cape -- and get beat up by his adorable son. World's Greatest Dad!

Though Nick's tenure on "Wild N Out" proves the man can pack a serious verbal punch, in the video below, Morocco knocks down his pops with some actual boxing moves. When Roc playfully clocks his old man, who's also dressed in a Superman costume, little Monroe comes running in to assess the damage. "Daddy, are you OK?" she asks, making sure he's still got some fight left in him, but when Roc comes out on top again in the next round, she pleads with her pops to be careful. Nick is clearly no match for his mini-me!

Check out the cutest family fight ever:

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Photo: Mariah Carey's Instagram