Snooki's Son, Pauly D's Baby Girl And The 'Teen Mom' Tots Totally OWNED Halloween [Photos]


Snooki's son, Lorenzo, looked positively precious in his monkey suit.

The treats have been picked over and the tricks have been pulled, but even though Starbucks wasted no time busting out the Christmas coffee cups this morning (seriously, already?!), we're still not quite ready to switch from Halloween to winter holiday mode. There are still way too many pics of MTV kiddos clad in adorable costumes to be retweeted! From the newest member of our network fam, Pauly D's daughter, to the big man on kindergarten campus, Bentley Edwards, we're getting a cavity from all the sweetness on social media. Fright Night? We think not. Just try and look at Snooki's little monkey without making audible baby talk to your screen.

And while Katie Yeager's, Chelsea Houska's and Alex Sekella's "Teen Mom" tots had the Disney front covered with two Minnie Mouses and a Dalmatian-hunting villain, Briana Dejesus' mini-diva couldn't decide on just one she went the way of Gaga and took on three different identities throughout the evening, naturally. Check out the pics from last night's Halloween festivities, though we should warn any woman with a ticking clock: May Cause Uterine Contractions.


Pauly D's baby girl, Amabella (left), is the least scary monster we've ever seen.


Three costumes, one Nova! Briana Dejesus' little girl stayed true to her diva ways.


Chelsea Houska planted kisses on her Minnie-me's cheeks.


Alex Sekella's sweet Arabella also looked to Disney's most famous mouse for Halloween inspiration.


Katie Yeager's daughter Molli made Cruella de Vil look more like Adora de Ble.


Could Maci Bookout's son have been any cuter as Super Mario? "It's-a me! Bentley-o!"

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Photos: The Instagram accounts of Jionni LaValle, Amanda Markert, Briana DejesusKatie Yeager, Alex Sekella, Maci Bookout and Chelsea Houska.