MTV Twitter Roundup: Did Heidi Montag Use Her Husband's Crystals To Predict The Sex Of K-Cav's Baby?


Heidi Montag inspects Kristin Cavallari's baby bump at her first shower.

Is pregnant Kristin Cavallari picking out pink or blue decorations for her second baby's nursery? Well, it's too early to tell, but ol' "Hills" co-star Heidi Montag seems to have an inkling. IT MUST BE THE CRYSTALS. On Wednesday, Heids tweeted her friend an exclamation point-heavy congratulations "on having another boy," but Kristin corrected her that doctors hadn't determined the little one's sex just yet, amounting to the most awkward social media exchange we've seen in a while. It's the thought that counts?

Elsewhere in the MTV Twittersphere this week, Jillian Rose Reed helped "Awkward" co-star Nikki Deloach through early motherhood by...watching her breastfeed, while Sharon Osbourne extended Snooki some love from the entire heavy-metal family after the guidette got the boot from "Dancing with the Stars." And though Jamie Lee of "Girl Code" was overwhelmed by the options on a chain restaurant's menu, fellow talking head Shalyah Evans knew her exact plan of action for the candy corn she acquired this Halloween season.

Check out what some of MTV's best and brightest had to say on Twitter this week:


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