'Awkward.' Sneak Peek: Team Jenna Has No Players Left After The Jatty Breakup


It's unavoidable: When a guy and a girl break up, their friends must choose a side, and on the next episode of "Awkward," the newly single Jenna will find herself on an island. After cheating on Matty with new kid Collin, Jenna's poised to get a swift kick from karma, and in the sneak peek below, Tamara and Ming give her the cold shoulder when she accuses them of joining Team Matty. Let the downward spiral officially begin...

"We weren't taking sides, but we are now, and we are not on yours," Tamara barks at Jenna over the phone. It's safe to say some of T's frustration stems from the fact that Jenna's indiscretion caused a rift between her and Jake, a point of contention that Jillian Rose Reed told us will continue to test the couple over the course of the season. Let's hope Jakara don't suffer the same fate as Jatty!

Is this the end of Palos Hills' tightest clique? Check out the clip, and don't miss an all-new "Awkward" on Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c.

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