The Nurses Of 'Scrubbing In' Decode Their Secret Hospital Slang [Video]


Once Chris got a good look at a diabetic patient's gangrenous foot on tonight's "Scrubbing In," he knew an amputation was imminent, and told a fellow staffer the bad news once they were in private. But in a hospital full of sick folks where the space for discretion isn't always available, how do medical professionals quickly identify one ailment from the next without alarming those in need? Apparently they've got a book's worth of slang worked out, which covers everything from alcohol-related injuries to unfortunate poop incidents.

From "frequent flyers" who return to the hospital just as soon as they're discharged, to the dreaded "B.O.N.I.T.A." (or Big Ol' Needle In The Ass), hospital lingo is crucial to being covert while still communicating the necessary info, the show's cast explains in this video. "Everybody, when they drink, for some reason thinks that they need to climb onto a ladder or get on their roof," Nikki laments of U.B.I.s and D.F.O.s (Unexplained Beer Injuries and Drunk-and-Fell-Overs). "I don't understand it." You've heard it from a reliable source, friends: Red Bull (and vodka) do not give you wiiiiings.

So, have you ever been called a "crispy" while in urgent care or wondered why a group of nurses is only speaking in acronyms? Check out the clip to penetrate their secret circle!

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