'Girl Code' Topic: Why Reserve Dressing Slutty For Halloween? Please Discuss.


This picture was NOT taken on Halloween.

"Mean Girls" taught us that from adolescence onward, your only concern for wowing Halloween party guests is to look as slutty as possible. Slutty pizza slice? Yup. Sexy mental patient? You betcha. Skanky baby? IT EXISTS! But for all the ways you can creatively show some skin on Halloween, "Girl Code" talking head Carly Aquilino just doesn't see the point, because let's be real: We're all sluts. Always.

In the video below, Carly breaks down her golden rule for ladies who use October 31 as an excuse to dress like hookers with animal ears ("I'm a mouse, duh."). "Everybody's a slut, every day of the year! Why do you need to wait for Halloween?" she wonders. "You always look like a slut." Sure, it's a rather shocking, unorthodox statement, but it's not exactly unfounded. See the above pic from Carly's Instagram? It was not, we repeat, was NOT taken on Halloween. More like two weeks ago.

So, when you're dancing up a storm in your 5-inch heels (and nothing else) tonight, raise a glass to tramps everywhere! Just don't be a slurring, stumbling tramp -- now that's unattractive.

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Photo: Carly Aquilino's Instagram