JWOWW's Dog Livens Up The After Show With A 'Diesel'-Scented Surprise [Video]


Sure, it's kinnnda juvenile for us to focus our "Snooki & JWOWW After Show" writeup on the fact that Diesel's fart stole the spotlight, the stench of his cantaloupe-filled diet filling up Jenni's entire kitchen for a good five minutes, but hey, no one ever accused us of being mature. Snooks was just about to say something about how terrific it was for Lorenzo to have his own room at their summer house, when she suddenly got a whiff of the dog's gas leak, and that was that. There was no coming back.

But before the ladies were so rudely interrupted by the adorable French bulldog, there was plenty of compelling chatter, like when Jenni recounted the many times she and Roger have destroyed their own house in the name of punch-drunk love, or when Snooki quizzed her BFF on the identity of Anne Frank vs. Helen Keller. (Jenni may have gotten them mixed up on last night's episode, but at least this time Roger can't judge: He thought Gandhi was Jewish.)

Anywho, the show's phenomenal, but you've gotta watch it the entire way through in order to get to the best part. It's silent...but deadly...so brace yourselves.

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