R.I.P. Jatty! Relive The Star-Crossed 'Awkward.' Couple's Highs And Lows


Dead. Donezo. Defunct. On tonight's "Awkward," fans' worst fears came true when Jenna finally ended her relationship with Matty, who'd caught her sucking face with Collin. After blowing off some steam and finding comfort in Sadie's arms, Matty said he was willing to work things out with his longtime girlfriend, but Jenna confessed that she would always think he'd see her as a lesser being, and couldn't even look him in the eye. Just as quickly as she entered his truck to talk, the deed was done and Jatty was no more.

Matty and Jenna's road to romance wasn't necessarily picture-perfect (remember when he was ashamed to be seen with her in public?), but they worked through their issues enough to become a strong unit, and for a while it looked as if they could go the distance. You know, like, until senior prom! Blood, sweat and tears went into their relationship, but in case you forgot the bumpy road that led to their tearful split, check out the couple's ups and downs, and share your reaction to the big breakup!

Low: Unhappy Camper

Matty cracked Jenna's "hard candy shell," convincing her that he was boyfriend material, but after they had sex, Matty made it clear that he was far too popular to be seen with the likes of someone so...awkward.

High: The Sweetest 16

After a sucktastic 16th birthday, Matty surprised Jenna when she needed him most, and even though he'd previously told her they could never be together, he finally confessed his true feelings.

Low: The Final Straw

Matty's bad habit of trying to keep his and Jenna's relationship under wraps had J-Town fed up, and when she couldn't stand being his secret any longer, she moved on.

High: Team Matty FTW!

After Jake and Matty nearly fought to the death over Jenna, That Girl was finally forced to make a choice between the two, and declared herself "Matty's Girl" once again.

Low: Cheaters Never Win

Welp, you know the story...

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