'Baby Mama Baggage' Makes Factoring In The Fun Stuff Almost Impossible For Teen Moms


By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

There are lots of obstacles that a young single mom faces when trying to establish a new relationship, and many examples of this "baby mama baggage," as Briana's mom refers to it, were on display during last night's "Teen Mom 3" episode. Take the fact that Briana had to cancel a date at the last minute because she couldn't find a babysitter for Nova. We don't know if her date was as upset about it as Briana was, but it's the kind of thing he'll have to get used to if he wants to be with her.

Alex was really excited to get out of the house for the first time in a long while, and was hoping to meet some new guys at a concert with her friends. Unfortunately, she couldn't quite enjoy herself because she felt like she had to constantly check in on Arabella. She was also preoccupied with Matt's living situation. If they didn't have a baby together, she probably wouldn't be so concerned with her ex-boyfriend's problems and she would have been more inclined to have a fun night out.

In contrast, Mackenzie and Josh are back on, but that doesn't mean they've resolved all of their issues. A simple night was complicated by the fact that Gannon had to be woken up late so he could be moved to Josh's house. That likely meant a baby meltdown and a bad night's sleep for everyone.

And then there's Katie, who was justifiably reeling from her split with Joey. (Who wouldn't be when a years-long relationship ends with one party saying they're already seeing someone else?) But Katie is also a mom, so in addition to taking care of herself during this difficult time, she also has to look after Molli and work out a custody arrangement with Joey, even though he's probably the last person she wants to see.

Dating and relationships are challenging enough when you're a teenager. Add in "baby mama baggage" and they can be nearly impossible. A child always needs to be the top priority, and it can be really difficult -- for everyone involved -- to fit a love life into the picture.

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