Snooki Has A Heartfelt Halloween Message For You! [Video]


Now that Lorenzo's old enough to complement his Cowardly Lion costume with his own personal mane, it's easy to forget that last Halloween he was barely able to fill out his Superbaby ensemble. The little guy and his parents, Snooki and Jionni, have come a long way in the past year, even spending an entire summer together in Seaside without the grandparents' help, and as they continue to expand their brood, you can bet your butt there will be many more adorable costumes to come. Remember, this a family that throws pirate-themed birthday bashes (and a mom who can pull off the White Queen one minute, Tweedledee the next).

From Snooks and all of us here at, watch a very special Halloween greeting, which includes the touching moment Nicole and Jionni first met their baby boy, and have a safe, happy and chocolate-filled holiday this Thursday!

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