Carly Aquilino Of 'Girl Code' Says Her Best Halloween Costume Was Not Wearing One [Video]


If your local party supply store has only a Freddy Krueger mask and Miley Cyrus foam finger left, and you're not keen on cutting holes in your only set of sheets, Carly Aquilino of "Girl Code" has got an age-old tip for ya: Just be yourself. It really works! Yup, she who regularly equates herself to Bozo The Clown says her best Halloween getup was no getup at all. Granted, she had half her head buzzed that year, but, like, it's about the spirit within, OK?!

In the video below, Carly recounts the year she took the lazy way out of a costume bash. "I just went to a Halloween party dressed normally," she says. "I had a mohawk at the time...and I won the costume competition, so I grew my f**king hair out." Ms. Aquilino says her bold 'do earned her a solid $75 payout, which is reason enough to give her advice some real consideration -- especially if you've cut your own bangs recently.

Check out the clip, hear Carly's warning on dressing up in the workplace and watch her on the Season 2 premiere of "Girl Code" Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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Photo: Colin Gray