Snooki Leaves 'Dancing With The Stars' With A New Friend And Lifelong Memories [Video]


Just a few of the fun characters Nicole Polizzi  played on "DWTS."

Last night, through tears stained with zombie makeup, Nicole Polizzi said goodbye to "Dancing with the Stars." And she wasn't the only one crying -- her stage family (even Bill Engvall!), as well as plenty of fans at home, were equally crushed to see the Little Guidette That Could leave the show. With her endless enthusiasm and ability to embody many different colorful characters on the dance floor, Snooks clearly made her mark on Season 17.

As has become custom with the cast-off teams, Nicole and her partner-in-rump-shaking-crime, Sasha Farber, appeared on "Good Morning America" this morning to discuss their time in the competition, but rather than harp on being robbed of the trophy (don't get us started!), the two celebrated the most positive thing to come from the experience: a beautiful friendship.


Team Snasha give a sadface on their way out the "DWTS" door.

"I feel like we're gonna be best friends forever!" Sasha says in the "GMA" interview clip below, to which Nicole gives him the side eye. "Best friends?" she questions. Sure, he's on the shortlist, but there's only one person who gets that title: JWOWW!

+ Check out the video, and congratulate Snooks for making it so far!

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Photos:, Snooki's Instagram