'Teen Mom 3' Poll: Was Joey Cheating On Katie?


If there was any hope that Katie and Joey would work things out on "Teen Mom 3," it all went to hell in a hand basket on tonight's episode, when Joey handed his ex a letter explaining that, though he still loved her, he was now seeing someone else. Katie was not only heartbroken, but angry that Joey already had a new girlfriend, especially because it had only been three days since he and Katie officially called it quits.

Katie never outright accused Joey of cheating, but she certainly insinuated that his ability to move on so quickly could have something to do with an affair. When the two were trying to figure out how to divvy up their daughter's belongings, you could cut the tension with a knife, and it all came to a head when Katie commanded that Joey never take Molli to his new girlfriend's house. Minutes later, their fight turned uglier than ever before, with Katie's mom even calling the cops.

While it doesn't seem like the worst thing that these two are finally throwing in the towel on their relationship, it's frightening to consider what Molli's childhood will be like if they continue to argue so viciously.

+ What do you think: Was Joey cheating on Katie with his new girlfriend? Take our poll, and tell us how you feel about the couple finally breaking up.

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