Nikki & Sara Encounter Speidi-Zombies In Season Finale Spooktacular [Sneak Peek]


Scared yet?


It's Nikki & Sara here to remind you, beloved viewers, that our star-studded Halloween-themed season finale is coming up Tuesday, October 29, and it's going to be so much fun. Not only have we been looking forward to this HUGE episode all season long, but we've also been planning our costumes for months! We think they're amazing, and we have a couple more ideas if you're still searching for something to wear.

We've met a ton of celebrities this season, but tomorrow night's finale boasts the MOST celebs we've had on the show so far. "Jackass" Johnny Knoxville, Jimmy Fallon, Emblem 3, John Oliver, Haylie Duff…just to name a few. And you better believe there will be touching!

By the way, something very spooky has been happening around the office. We've been working a lot of late nights since "Nikki & Sara LIVE" went into production, and it turns out the halls of MTV are really scary after dark. The other night we stumbled upon a strange doorway...and behind it? Oh, the horrors, the Speidi horrors!

If you don't believe us, check out the sneak peek below...AT YOUR OWN RISK! And make sure to tune in to our season finale-slash-Halloween spooktacular this Tuesday, October 29th at 11/10c right after "Awkward."

Thanks for a great season, y'all. Scare ya later!


Nikki & Sara

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