MTV Twitter Roundup: Charlie Carver Demonstrates How To Make A 'Teen Wolf' Out Of Your Dog


With the right accessories, even your little pug can transform into a lycanthrope!

This Halloween season, it's all about the canine costumes. After we saw that Snooki could serve as inspiration for a dynamite doggy getupCharlie Carver tweeted a photo of a cute li'l pup dressed as the original "Teen Wolf," and any stress we had about our own October 31st plans suddenly evaporated. JUST LOOK AT ITS WITTLE VARSITY JACKET!!!

Elsewhere on Twitter this week, Snooki's son, Lorenzo, had some unfortunate growing pains in his mouth, but Tanisha of "Girl Code" wouldn't allow a little orthodontia to interfere with her love of a certain dessert. And though Molly Tarlov put Nikki Deloach's newborn on a pedestal, Beau Mirchoff was ready for his "Awkward" character, Matty, to take Collin down. Them's fightin' words!

Check out what some of MTV's best and brightest had to say on social media this week:


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Photo courtesy of @Charlie_Carver